About Us

We’re a biotech startup that has developed an improved Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) for pyrogen testing. Our technology uses cryopreserved pooled PBMC. This has made it possible to develop a MAT with both high sensitivity and robustness, ensuring reliability in the field.

We’re currently in the soft-launch phase where we are working with interested parties who might be interested in our kit and/or expertise in MAT. In addition to the kit we provide consulting services and technical support in setting up the MAT in your organization.


Meet MAT Research


Guillermo Sanchez, CEO / co-founder

I'm a serial entrepreneur with 13 years of experience in building disruptive products and companies. Last three years I've collaborated with over 30+ industry-leading companies to co-develop our MAT kit. I've been involved in solving challenges from the production and transport of cell sources, to bridging the challenges between product, lab, and regulations.


Koen Marijt, Senior Immunology Scientist

The last 10 years I’ve gained experience in the field of cellular biology at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA, and immunology at the LUMC, Leiden the Netherlands. With my experience in fundamental research I'm able to develop new and superior systems to improve the monocyte activation test to such a level where it can completely make the use of animals dispensable for pyrogen testing with the highest levels of sensitivity and reliability.